Sumo Vs deadlifting with trap bar Conventional Deadlift

Sumo Vs deadlifting with trap bar Conventional Deadlift

19 Nisan 2021
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Widen your stance and angle your toes out until you are in a sumo position. Begin your rep by hingeing at the hips — focus on not only dipping your chest down, but by pushing your hips back, all while maintaining a straight torso position. Allowing a little bend in the knees is good (not stiff-legged), but aim to maintain that same knee angle as you hip hinge, as opposed to actively squatting or flexing at the knees.

Once your torso is near parallel to the ground, reverse the movement and return to an upright position. Wide-stance deadlifts are performed from a standing position holding either a barbell or a dumbbell in each hand.

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  • Training with too high a volume or too heavy weights, and not allowing sufficient rest between workouts.
  • But leg curls are good for rehabbing a hamstring injury or even for “prehab,” meaning to prevent a hamstring injury.
  • Having the right shoes for weightlifting is anything but an aesthetic choice.
  • More important than any program, though, is good form and consistency.
  • It also works your quads more because your hips start lower – your knees are more bent.

Coaches can also include pauses and tempos to enhance movement awareness in the pull further. Rotate your femur in the socket to line up your toes, knees, and feet. Lining up muscles and joints nice and straight will usually lead to better lifts. Sumo allows many to take advantage of their body’s natural leverage. We all have what is called the Angle of Q in our hips.

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They are pretty much the only exercise that works both the lower and upper body at the same time. You use your glutes, upper thighs, hamstrings, lower back, upper-middle back, traps, forearms, core, and can even engage the chest as well. With very few exceptions, the deadlift is not only safe for your back, but it trains the muscles of your back to help protect your back from further injury.

Deadlift Variations To Help You Pack On Muscle And Get Stronger

Because the sumo deadlift usually allows for a heavier load to be lifted, this allows you to overload your muscles with more weight than they’re used to handling. Once you switch back to conventional or trap bar deadlifts, this newfound strength should help you complete the top part of the lift deadlifting with trap bar more efficiently. No, but you do pick things off the floor in a wider stance in everyday life situations, particularly if the object is large and you need to place your feet around the object. Additionally, think about little kids playing in sandboxes; a lot of them naturally squat in a wide sumo stance. I don’t think many of us would attribute that to the kid being devolved and weakened by 21st century living of too much couch and/or desk time sitting.

Deadlifts Cheaters Allowed

The best exercise for this purpose is the front squat. And if you just can’t control the weight when lowering it? Then you need to stop being lazy and dropping your deadlifts in training. Make sure you don’t overdo this adjustment, though, shifting your weight way too far forward. Let your lat strength dictate where the bar goes, and the position of the rest of your body should naturally adjust accordingly.

Thing is, snatch-grip deadlifts are done with a very wide grip. That might extend the range of motion by more than you can handle. Just keep in mind that you’re free to use a grip width that’s comfortably wide. I like to put my pinky fingers on the bench press knurl marks. Using a wider grip while deadlift does a couple of cool things. First, it forces you to bend further over, extending the range of motion for your hips.

Squatting is a core exercise for many purposes. The tissue loading during squatting is crucial for positive adaptation and to avoid injury. In a deadlift, the person has to lift the loaded bar from the ground to hip level. In the final position, the body has to be perpendicular to the floor. The weight should be distributed evenly to prevent injury to your knees. In order to keep your body from leaning towards one side or the other, engage your core to increase your stability.

This is why static holds work better than grippers. They train your grip the exact same way you use it on Deadlifts. Plus they only take 10 seconds at the end of each set. And you don’t need to buy extra equipment – you already have the bar.


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